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AAP UNITA  /  1st Call for application to UNITA PhD Cotutelles: 2021
publié le 29 juin 2021

  • ouverture des candidatures le 29 juin 2021 à 11:45
  • clôture des candidatures le 15 juillet 2021 à 12:00

UNITA is an alliance of six Romance-language speaking universities located in rural and cross-border mountain areas. It is constituted of the Universidade Beira Interior (Portugal), Universidad Zaragoza (Spain), Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (France), Université Savoie Mont Blanc (France), Università di Torino (Italy, coordinator), and Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara (Romania), gathering more than 165,000 students and 13,000 staff members (

 One of UNITA’s goals is develop Research and Innovation activities in each of the alliance's three thematic areas: 

·       Cultural heritage

·       Renewable energies

·       Circular economy


To Promote these research activities, 8 cotutelle PhD grants have been awarded to research projects that involve a French research team (at UPPA and USMB) and another partner university of the alliance. More details about each project is provided at the end of the document.

            Cultural Heritage

1.     On the circulation of religious literature between Italy and France in the 16th century : the case of the first French translation of Dante’s Paradise (manuscripts Paris, BnF, naf 4119 and 4530) (USMB-UNITO)

2.     Managing Intangible Cultural Heritage:  A Comparative Case-Study between Pays de Béarn (France) and Banat (Romania) (UPPA-UVT)

3.     Towards building a Virtual UNITA Montis Museum:Enhancing and Mediating Historical Cultural Heritage in a Plurilingual Environment (UPPA-UNITO)

Circular Economy

1.     Development of enabling technologies for regional residual biomass valorization in a context of circular economy. (USMB-UNITO)

2.     Development of sustainable nanofibrous material from bacterial polymers and biobased waterborne latex (UPPA-UBI)



Renewable Energy

1.     Distributed solar energy source in a mixed local renewable energy system in response of energy demand in mixed urban – rural attractive territory (USMB-UNIZAR)

2.     DESCOPE-NANO: Durable and Efficient Solar Cells COmbining PErovskite and NANOcrystals (USMB-UNIZAR)

3.     Synthesis of stable Hole Transporting Materials (HTMs) for emerging hybrid photovoltaics (UPPA-UNITO)


Through this first call, highly motivated candidates are called to develop their research talent beyond their master degree by choosing one of the projects listed above. We seek outstanding candidates with a clear passion for research and who are excited by the opportunity to raise scientific knowledge within the frame of UNITA. Fellows will benefit from academic supervision and co-supervision from partners universities within UNITA 


The Application Form should contain all the following mandatory documents:

1. A full CV (Template provided) that includes all personal information, education background, research activities (if any) and information about two referent persons

2. Two Reference letters (in a single PDF file): each referent person will submit a letter concerning the applicant’s previous research activities and the applicant's research capacity and working experience

3. A personal statement (maximum of 3 pages – no template – free writing) that includes a Personal introduction, Qualifications and achievements, Career development objectives, Activities envisaged to enhance academic profile, Collaboration opportunities planned beyond the higher education sector, General motivation for participation in the program

4. A copy of the Master degree diploma or equivalent translated into English; for candidates with a Master’s degree in progress during the academic year of the call, marks and rankings corresponding to the first semester of the Master 2.

Selection Process.

Upon reception of all application forms, a committee composed of the two Cotutelle supervisors (one of a French University and one from the partner University within UNITA) and a representative of the doctoral school of the two partner universities, will take care of the process which will be divided on two phases:

1)    Selection on the applicant from

2)    For those who have been selected on the first step, Remote interview.